DevOps Consulting and Solutions

ElogicSquare has expertise and experience to take care of your infrastructure, so you can concentrate on your business that actually generates revenue.

Manage multiple vendor clusters from a single interface

  • Provision Big data clusters and ecosystems rapidly.
  • Support NoSQL Database Apache HBase
  • Support Flexible MapReduce clusters.
  • Centrally manage both local and cloud- based clusters.
  • Manage down to node-level resources.
  • Monitor all clusters through a single tablet- friendly dashboard..
  • Manage multiple vendor clusters from a single interface.

Provision big data clusters and ecosystems rapidly

  • Multiple technologies helps to achieve the above objective.
  • NoSQL Database, HBASE
  • Apache Hadoop
  • Hadoop ecosystem components.

DevOps as service

  • ElogicSquare currently offers following to help organization to achive the following in the easiest way:
  • Provision Big data clusters and ecosystems rapidly.
  • Team with deep expertise in automating end to end delivery pipeline and implementation of agile oriented DevOps practices
  • Mitigate deployment risks, increase deployment quality and frequency of releases using our robust array of open source & licensed tools
  • Optimal server orchestration to increase operational fluidity, optimize processes, streamline workflows and remove redundancy while encouraging process reusability
  • Reduce wait times for developers and increase speed to production with one-click deployments and code rollbacks
  • Configuration management across VMs and servers for security patches, server updates and general DevOps
  • Discover original potential of your infrastructure via virtualization of applications, database, desktop, servers, and storage devices. Scale up without increasing total cost of ownership

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