About us

With a strong Enterprise Architecture pedigree, coupled with Data-Driven culture, we bring to the table a unique combination that is strong in building enterprise grade analytics products.

Team ElogicSquare, have been thought partners to our customers and believe in intensifying an analytics culture within our clientele. We evangelize the notion of using advanced analytics to make better decisions.

Our flagship product 'LogiCrunch' throttles out 'data in motion' discerning insights and producing actionable indicators. We have used our product to build a multi-tenant healthcare analytics platform, that receives messages from multiple devices, in various shape and form, for each of the tenants. Our metastore 'LogiCentre' is the heart of the platform, empowering 'LogiCrunch' to be tenant agnostic.

Flurry of activities through our platform are governed by the 'Data Governance' toolkits, primarily on the Hortonworks Big Data Stack.

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