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How Big Data Is Bringing Value to the Healthcare Industry

As Big Data continues to change the world, it continues to embed itself deeper across a wider range of industries. Making evidence-based decisions is quickly becoming the status quo for successful organizations, and companies are restructuring systems to use the latest and greatest tools to effectively carry out day-to-day operations. …

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Enabling Better Healthcare with Artificial Intelligence

Today’s unprecedented increase in the volume of patient healthcare data has left the industry struggling to put that data to practical use. Artificial intelligence (AI), with its capability to draw “intelligent” inferences based on vast amounts of raw data, may hold the solution. Smart devices and robotics are already making …

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The Amazing Ways How Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Is Used In Healthcare

Crucial time and tremendous amounts of resources are lost every day in the world’s healthcare systems. Misdiagnoses cost unnecessary additional tests, result in delayed treatment plans and diminished survival or remission rates from what would have transpired had it been caught and identified correctly earlier. False positives on tests. Trials, …

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Fitness Technology To Redefine India’s Healthcare Market

With Urban India becoming increasingly health-conscious and utilising technology to improve the quality of life, the fitness technology market in India is expected to double in value to USD 250 mn by 2023, finds a whitepaper by Grant Thornton, IVCA and Kalaari Capital – Billion-Fit: Technology Redesigning Healthcare. Recently, with …

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Digital Diagnosis – AI & Machine Learning in Healthcare

Janet feels unwell. She consults an app on her phone, which asks an increasingly sophisticated series of diagnostic questions. The app also takes in data from Janet’s fitness trackers that monitor heart rate, blood pressure and blood sugar. The app decides that Janet’s symptoms look serious, and it arranges a …

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Big Data, Machine Learning Can Revamp Provider Health IT Use

Big data doesn’t have to be the enemy of overwhelmed clinicians staring at their computer screens while griping about their electronic health records, says a pair of researchers from Harvard Medical School and Press Ganey in a NEJM perspective piece. Instead of treating health IT as one of the biggest problems facing the …

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AI: How to Cut Waste, Enhance Care and Improve Lives

As the need for good and affordable healthcare mounts, using data to make better-informed healthcare decisions is essential. By deploying artificial intelligence (AI), healthcare organizations can leverage vast troves of data to better anticipate patient needs, staff for them, improve treatment decisions, and reduce health risks in select cohorts.

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EHR Scribes Save Time, But Do They Produce Accurate Health Data?

Electronic health records (EHRs) have been endlessly criticized, fairly or otherwise, for distracting physicians from their patients, extending long work days, and creating burnout conditions for highly-trained providers. To overcome these challenges, many organizations are turning to EHR scribes who are specifically trained in the art of translating clinical discussions into …